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We suggest Family Tree Software by OneGreatFamily because you can connect yourself to the largest family tree online and see how you are related to the rest of humanity!

  • Discover what has already been done on YOUR family tree
  • Save time and effort. Start your research where others have left off
  • Meet and collaborate with family members around the world
  • Create your family tree and watch it grow automatically over time

    Personal Ancestral File
    by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is also quite effective -- and it's free.
• Growing your Family Trees and Branches

While we do not believe that any program is right for every researcher, we have provided links to comparison charts and compiled numerous reviews in order to identify what we believe to be the most significant feature differences between these popular programs to help our fellow rooters & genealogists review the latest genealogy programs

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• To See the Forest and The Trees
Review several of the most popular family tree software from available Macintosh programs to easy to follow comparisons of PC genealogy software downloads in which most are free to try. Some of these packages have several hundred ratings and comments. Let us help you decipher that information to common sense.

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